TVUP Media joins SRT Alliance for a High Quality, Low-Latency Video Streaming Solution for OTT Services

TVUP Media Telecom has announcedthat it has become a member of the SRT Alliance, the open-source initiative dedicated to overcoming the challenges of low-latency video streaming.   

TVUP’s membership in the SRT Alliance and the adoption of the SRT protocol will help by providing channel producers with a secure, reliable, and low latency streaming solution for the transport and management of their content over private or public connections. This is a big step forward in TVUP’s goal of providing the best in pay-TV OTT services. 

“TVUP Media Telecom is proud to join the SRT Alliance to help continue developing open-source video transport solutions, helping a seamless transition from the traditional broadcast environment to the OTT one in a secure and reliable way over the public Internet”, said Francisco Sáez, CTO of TVUP Media Telecom.   

 Read the full announcement here. 

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