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SRT Technical Panel

Monday, April 8 4:15pm | North Hall Room N250

Sponsored by Microsoft and Haivision, join video streaming experts from Bitmovin, Deluxe, Gogo, and Wowza as they discuss the latest technical developments of the SRT open source protocol.

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Leveraging SRT and Cloud Broadcast Services to Accelerate Production in the Microsoft Azure Ecosystem

Tuesday, April 9 at 4pm | North Hall Room N234-236

Join service providers and broadcasters – featuring Al Jazeera, Avid, Haivision, Microsoft and Net Insight – as they discuss today’s challenges of accelerating the production of breaking news and delivering live events using cloud services.

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Broadcasters Leveraging SRT for Low Cost Live Contribution and Distribution

Wednesday, April 10 10:40am | North Hall Room N262-N264

Sponsored by Microsoft and Haivision, join video experts from Fox News Channel, Haivision, MediaKind, Red Bee Media, The Broadcast Bridge and TV Globo as they share how broadcasters are leveraging the SRT protocol for low cost live contribution and distribution workflows.

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Get a walk through the RAI during IBC 2017 in Amsterdam. Get a peak at the first SRT Alliance Open Meeting and hear from attendees and members what you need to know about SRT. At IBC 2017, SRT was a new open source protocol with the potential to change the way how users will watch livestreams forever. It allows high quality streaming over dirty networks with very low latency and solves some problems content providers are facing today. Haivision and Wowza formed the SRT Alliance in April 2017 and invite manufacturers and developers to join this initiative. The goal is to form an industry standard without boundaries.

How you can benefit from SRT? Watch the video and learn from the movers and shakers of SRT.