SRT Tuesdays Are Back!

In case you missed it, SRT Tuesday webinars are back!

The concept behind this webinar series is to explore the latest innovations using the SRT protocol and demonstrate the power of the open source community. Sign up to watch the webinars and learn how you can leverage SRT for today’s challenges of streaming low latency, high quality video over unpredictable internet connections.

Last week kicked off with Suso Carrillo, Director of the SRT Alliance, sharing the mission behind the series along with an update on the newest members of the community.  The webinar included guest speakers from GlobalM explaining how SRT is helping to power remote workflows and mobile journalism. You can watch the recording here.

Next week, on Tuesday October 20th, our featured guest is Olivier Crête from Collabora who’ll be sharing how together with SKI Telecom, they are using SRT to build the open source Hwangsaeul video drone and robot 5G platform.  Please register here.

We’d Love to Hear from You!
Interested in participating in a webinar or find out how you can get involved in the SRT community? Reach out to Suso Carrillo, Director of the SRT Alliance at

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