SRT Alliance Eclipses 300 Members with Alibaba Cloud, Internet Initiative Japan, Kiswe, and Red5 Pro supporting the SRT Open Source Video Streaming Project

SRT protocol continues meteoric rise in popularity, fueling low latency video transport across the globe

Montreal, Canada – December 17, 2019 – The SRT Alliance, supporting the SRT Open Source Project, announces that Alibaba Cloud, Internet Initiative Japan, Kiswe, and Red5 Pro have joined the SRT Alliance showing their support of the cross industry adoption of the SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) Open Source protocol and technology. This brings the total number of SRT Alliance members to more than 300 companies. 

SRT, developed and pioneered by Haivision, optimizes streaming performance and quality across unpredictable networks with low latency secure streams, royalty free and available on GitHub, SRT,  is the fastest growing open source video streaming movement.

“We’ve implemented SRT support at the edge of our network for broadcasters that need to bring in contribution streams in the Alibaba Cloud,” said Glyn Smith, Head of Media and Entertainment Product Solutions, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence. “By using SRT at the edge, broadcasters can reap the benefits of faster response times and minimal latency while avoiding network congestion.”

“I’m very excited about the powerful combination of SRT and our technology for keeping latency for live streams to the bare minimum, while protecting video quality. SRT reduces latency on first mile ingest, while Red5 Pro allows us to take those streams and distribute them to millions of concurrent viewers with less than 500 milliseconds of end-to-end latency,” said Chris Allen, CEO and Technical Co-founder at Red5 Pro. “This is a game changer for a variety of use cases –  from live sports streaming, esports, live gambling to next generation experiences that require interactivity combined with live video.” 

Kiswe’s CloudCast enables broadcasters around the world to create and scale interactive shows through cloud-based production and remote commentary,” said Khee Lee, CMO at Kiswe. “With SRT, we are able to connect different locations with high reliability and low latency, resulting in a seamless end-to-end experience for both broadcasters and viewers alike.”

The SRT Alliance welcomes the following new members: 

  1. 2nd Adam Production: 2nd Adam Production is a television production and broadcasting service to the local and Caribbean community. 90% of our revenue comes from the Christian community.
  2. Alo Global Technologies Limited: Alo is a prominent emerging technology company and a global brand that seeks to shape the digital market not only in Nigeria but also on a global scale.
  3. ARRIS: Serving programmers and service providers with cutting edge hardware and software video distribution products.
  4. AVerMedia Technologies: AVerMedia Technologies provides PC, tablet, and mobile TV-viewing solutions, along with high-definition video and real-time audio-visual product designs, manufacturing, and marketing.
  5. Center Point Post: Center Point Post provides live review and screening services to filmmakers, studios, and production facilities. We provide HDR calibration and transparency throughout production.
  6. Cipex: System designer and integrator with all related services for the AV- and broadcast industry.
  7. Commedia Solutions Pvt Ltd: India-based system integrator and managed services provider serving broadcast, enterprise, telecom, and government markets.
  8. develops and supplies playout solutions for the TV industry. Our products are designed to work in any public cloud or on premises on bare metal or on a VM.
  9. CYN Communication: Streaming service.
  10. Digital Vision Live: Live streaming and video production services for sporting events and enterprise markets. Bringing live video services to grass roots organizations and individuals.
  11. Extim: A media production company and live streaming service provider.
  12. Garland: Recognized leader in delivering digital video solutions in the UK and beyond, serving many of the UK’s most prominent organizations.
  13. Internet Initiative Japan Inc.: IIJ was founded in 1992. Since that time, IIJ has played a leading role in the Japanese Internet industry. We also provide services and solutions for delivering high quality video content.
  14. Interra Systems: Global provider of enterprise-class solutions that streamline classification, QC process & monitoring of media content across the entire creation & distribution chain.
  15. Intrado: Intrado digital media provides a suite of solutions that enables PR, IR, corporate communications, and marketing professionals to deliver mission-critical communications to their target audiences.
  16. JEEBIK Productions: Innovative digital sports media company dedicated to unlocking a world of sports coverage that true fans deserve.
  17. Kiswe Mobile: Kiswe is a cloud-based technology company that creates real-time livestreams to authentically engage digital audiences and unique communities around the world.
  18. Media 5 SRL: Since the early 90s Media 5 SRL has developed software for Broadcast industry, TV Stations, radio stations, and production companies.
  19. Mediastream: Leading streaming service provider based in Latin America, offering numerous OVP and CDN services.
  20. MinerLabs Group: Focused on the intersection of media, marketing, entertainment, and technology, MinerLabs designs, builds, and operates digital solutions.
  21. Nexion Corp: Nexion specializes in high-quality video transmission offering a variety of services, made possible by TNOC.
  22. Nextcom: Systems integrator for IP networks and IPTV services.
  23. One Golf HD TV: One Golf HD is the first Golf TV channel in Pakistan, providing exclusive coverage of golfing events and TV shows.
  24. Perception CDN Ltd: Perception was first to market with a next gen unified TVCDN solution that combines an advanced IPTV/OTT feature stack embedded directly in a CDN layer, including provision of multiscreen TV apps.
  25. Qarva: Providing software solutions for the IPTV and OTT industries. Dedicated to the provisioning of scalable, robust, and cost effective solutions.
  26. Red PAT: The PAT Network is a national television network with national production, which has transmissions from all over Bolivia and contributions from abroad.
  27. Red5 Pro: Red5 Pro provides a hosting agnostic solution for live video streaming with latency up to 500ms at any scale. HTML5, and mobile (Android and iOS) SDKs are available.
  28. Remote Facilities Inc: Remote Facilities is committed to leading the broadcast, entertainment, cable, IT, and event industries with the critical services needed in the production and transmission of live and pre-produced events.
  29. S.E.Technologies: We began by designing cameras for our precision manufacturing. Now we are offering our designing power for security, FA cameras.
  30. Starfish Technologies LImited: Specialists in advertising insertion, regional TV systems, transport stream splicing, and processing.
  31. Sumato-Id: Sumato-Id is a company created to develop high tech software solutions using biometrics technology for enhancing consumer experience.
  32. has 10+ years experience in managing live video content multi-cam, multi-city projects in Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Germany, France, Netherlands, and Switzerland.
  33. Vecima Networks, Inc.: Vecima provides content delivery, broadband access, and storage solutions to the world’s largest cable, telecommunications, media, and entertainment companies.
  34. View TV Group: The View TV Group is a collection of companies which have been created or acquired to provide an end to end service solution for fully managed and yield monetised television, radio, and on-demand services.
  35. ViewMedia: We are a global broadcast and media services provider. We offer end-to-end managed services and solutions for excellent multi-screen and multi-platform delivery.
  36. vsonix GmbH: Webcast and streaming solution provider based in Darmstadt, Germany, providing streaming and content production services.

In addition to the more than 300 SRT Alliance members, SRT is also supported by VideoLAN’s VLC, Wireshark, FFmpeg, GStreamer, and Open Broadcaster Software open source projects. The SRT Open Source Project has over 50 active contributors continuously improving the low latency streaming protocol and technology stack. The SRT Alliance members list can be found at

About the SRT Open Source Project & SRT Alliance
SRT is an open source video transport protocol and technology stack, developed and pioneered by Haivision, that optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks with secure streams and easy firewall traversal, bringing the best quality live video over the worst networks. The SRT Open Source Project, supported by the SRT Alliance, is a collaborative community of industry leaders and developers striving to achieve lower latency internet video transport by continuously improving open-source SRT. For more information about the project and how to join the SRT Alliance, visit


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