UDP-Based Streaming Modes Battle For Traction as Paths to Low Latency

Source: Screen Plays Magazine
Author: Fred Dawson

Weighing QUIC vs. SRT Becomes Essential Step in Live Content Distribution

August 10, 2018 – What until recently was a fraught quest to achieve low-latency, TV-caliber delivery of premium video content over the Internet has morphed into the less frustrating but still daunting challenge of choosing from a basket of compelling options that have emerged to address the issue.

The need to improve performance amid surging real-time consumption of sports and other broadcast TV content over the Internet has prompted development of multiple open-source solutions competing alongside a bevy of proprietary systems. Everyone with a vested interest in which paths are taken has a compelling case to make for their preferred approach.

For the folks running streaming operations, tracking the constantly changing nuances and relative merits of an alphabet soup’s worth of open-source innovations like SRT, QUIC, WebRTC and CMAF is an especially irritating distraction from day-to-day execution of tasks at hand. But getting it right is fast becoming an existential challenge.

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