SRT Alliance founding member announces new SRT protocol player – Haivision Play Pro

During this festive time of year, thoughts turn to celebration, family and friends, and, of course, gift giving! And it’s in this holiday spirit, that Haivision (one of the founding members of the SRT Alliance) wanted to share a special gift with the global community of SRT enthusiasts – streamers, product developers, broadcast engineers, video producers, and those who rely on the SRT protocol for secure, high-quality, and low latency video streaming. 

 SRT Protocol Player: Haivision Play Pro 

Haivision Play Pro is an iOS app that provides an  easy way to view live SRT streams on your iPhone or iPad. And, it’s completely free!  

Available for download from the iOS App Store, Play Pro is designed to give users a premium SRT viewing experience from anywhere to anywhere. 


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