Haivision Welcomes YouTube to the SRT Alliance

Haivision, a leading global provider of mission-critical, real-time video networking and visual collaboration solutions, today announced that YouTube has joined the SRT Alliance and will participate in the company’s upcoming SRT InterOp Plugfest.

YouTube’s support for SRT is an important milestone for the open-source protocol, reaching widespread industry adoption and ubiquity for low latency video.

YouTube will join Haivision in the upcoming SRT InterOp Plugfest taking place May 9-11, with a kick-off webinar on May 9, 2023, at 10am ET. The focus of the virtual event will be to establish vendor interoperability for live video contribution into YouTube’s live streaming platform. Past SRT InterOp Plugfests have featured collaboration with leading broadcast and streaming vendors, resulting in over 1,000 independent interoperability validations.

Read more in the press release, here

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