Haivision’s Broadcast IP Transformation Report 2022 Reveals That SRT is the Most Used Video Transport Protocol

For the third consecutive year, Haivision surveyed its broadcast customers and prospects to gain clearer insights into what challenges they faced this past year, and what technologies they’re leveraging and planning to leverage to overcome them, including SRT.  

Over 650 global broadcast and video streaming professionals participated in the survey representing a wide range of organizations and use cases on the current state of the broadcast industry, including the push towards IP transformation. Haivision has packaged its information into the Broadcast IP Transformation Report 2022.  

“Transporting video across the internet, cloud, mobile, and local area networks allows for greater flexibility, scalability, and the ability to create new and unique services previously unavailable with fixed SDI infrastructure,” said Marcus Schioler, Vice President, Marketing, Haivision. “These survey findings give us a clearer understanding of how broadcasters are adapting to their new reality, what the biggest obstacles they are facing as well as what technology they are currently using and planning to invest in.” 

SRT is Widely Adopted

When asked which video transport protocols they currently use, 63% of those surveyed said SRT, an increase of 10% from last year. This also marks the first time that SRT has overtaken RTMP as the most widely used transport protocol in the three years Haivision has published the report.

The internet remains the preferred way that broadcasters fuel live production with 79% of broadcasters saying they rely on it for contributing video workflows. With 85% of broadcasters pushing towards IP transformation, SRT’s surpassing of RTMP proves that the need for reliable and secure low latency video streaming has become even more crucial over the past year. 

Other highlights from the report include:  

  • 60% of respondents think that the future will involve employing new hybrid workflows.
  • 5G remains the technology that broadcasters believe will have the biggest impact on the industry within the next five years.

For more fascinating insights into the current state of IP and cloud adoption in the broadcast industry, download the full report by clicking the link below.

Download the full Haivision Broadcast IP Transformation Report 2022

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