AWS Joins the SRT Alliance as AWS Elemental MediaConnect now Supports SRT

The SRT Alliance is proud to welcome AWS to the growing SRT community as AWS Elemental MediaConnect now supports SRT. The landmark introduction of AWS as an SRT Ambassador in the SRT Alliance further drives the open source protocol towards ubiquity as the defacto standard for low latency video transport.

According to AWS, customers have been requesting SRT support for AWS Elemental MediaConnect for some time and its adoption opens new opportunities for users when building reliable and secure video streaming workflows. AWS Elemental MediaConnect is a high-quality transport service for live video that enables content owners to build mission-critical video workflows and share them securely with customers and partners, which can now be done through the SRT protocol.

SRT Adds Flexibility to AWS Cloud Live Video Workflows

The adoption of SRT gives users flexibility when it comes to the creation of live video workflows. SRT gives customers the option to use the low latency video transport protocol as the input, the output, or both when creating their workflows in the AWS Cloud.

“One of the challenges with live video workflows is connecting a diverse ecosystems of solutions,” said Dan Gehred, Solutions Marketing Manager for AWS. “SRT has shown that it’s an important transport protocol, and it provides secure and reliable transport of live video to and from the AWS Cloud. With SRT protocol input and output in AWS Elemental MediaConnect, along with input in AWS Elemental Live appliances and software, AWS customers have more options when it comes to building scalable, reliable, and secure live video workflows.”

“The endorsement of SRT by AWS is a very important milestone for the global streaming community,” said Suso Carrillo, Director of the SRT Alliance for Haivision. “Since being introduced and open sourced by Haivision in 2017, we’re very happy to see that the SRT protocol has grown so quickly to become the defacto standard for IP video connectivity.”

The SRT Alliance, a community dedicated to overcoming the challenges of low latency video streaming, began with only two members in its ranks with membership quickly expanding to over 200 members in just two years. Now, as the fourth anniversary of the SRT open source protocol approaches, the SRT Alliance has grown to over 450 members including industry leaders and developers like AWS.

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