A New White Paper: The Race for Cloud Leadership

Video streaming technologies and platforms have changed the media and entertainment industry forever. The lines between television, film, and streaming video are blurring. Cord-cutting and cord-trimming show no signs of slowing down and continue to outpace projections across all age groups. As a result, live and on-demand streaming platforms that bypass traditional distribution are on the rise and, with over 200 services, to choose from in the US alone, competition for viewers is fierce. Just recently, in its Digital Media Trends Survey, Deloitte revealed that for the first time, a higher percentage of US households now subscribe to a streaming service (69%) than to traditional pay-TV (65%).

But what does this evolving landscape mean for the B2B content production ecosystem? Video content, especially live video content, is becoming more pervasive in both our personal and professional lives and both the internet and the cloud are making it easier than ever to create and distribute content and actively engage audiences no matter what where they are or what platform they’re using.

SRT and Cloud Video Transport

From live contribution to cloud-based OTT syndication, our brand-new white paper, authored by video and streaming technology expert, Brian Ring, sets out to examine the key uses cases where workflows using a cloud video transport model can offer broadcasters dramatic improvements. The white paper also explains why SRT shines for cloud-based workflows and highlights the strategic benefits it brings to both broadcasters and service providers.

Want to learn more? Download your copy of Live Video Transport: The Race for Cloud Leadership today!

The race for cloud leadership

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