Cogent Launches SRT Ready Internet Encoder and Decoder at NAB 2018

April 9, 2018 – Las Vegas – Cogent, a global leader in the provision of trusted communication solutions,  introduces its new SRT Ready internet video transmission solution and related codec products, the HDE-650 SRT encoder and HDD-451 SRT decoder, at NAB 2018 in Las Vegas.

In Internet remote video transmission applications, traditional codecs mostly use unreliable protocols such as UDP and cannot solve the problem of jitter and packet loss in the public network. Cogent launches new codec products that use the open source SRT protocol to successfully achieve secure and reliable video transmission performance between multiple sites. In addition, the new encoder also supports studio-class picture quality (High 4:2:2 Profile)* and one frame super low delay encoding mode* for better transmission effect.

SRT ENCODER: HDE-650 is a studio-class digital video and audio compression product that supports internet transmission. With the advantages of ultra-low latency and excellent picture quality, the encoder also supports SRT reliable transport protocol, to solve the jitter and packet loss problem from the Internet. Compared with traditional UDP encoders, HDE-650 can be used in unpredictable network environments, and greatly saves the user‘s cost of expensive dedicated network.

SRT DECODER: HDD-451 is a professional broadcasting-quality HD/SD decoder, using high-performance dedicated hardware to deliver real-time decoding for H.264. Designed with multiple professional input and output interfaces, it can meet various broadcast applications. HDD-451 supports the SRT reliable transport protocol and is well suited for use with SRT encoders. These advanced features enable HDD-451 to meet the requirement of transmitting HD streams across the internet, which can greatly reduce the bandwidth cost of private networks.

“It is companies like Cogent, who have adopted SRT to help better serve their customers, that are contributing the fastest growing video streaming movement,” says Sylvio Jelovcich, vice president of Global Alliances at Haivision, “Now with over 100 members as part of the SRT Alliance, SRT is well on its way to standardization with its growing ecosystem.”

Visit Cogent at NAB 2018 (booth #C1149) for a demo and more information about their solutions.

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